“Health is everything, be it mental, emotional or physical. I went from working out casually and eating whatever, whenever and however much I wanted to having my first baby and struggling with energy and body image.

I was medically unable to breast feed past 7 weeks with my son and the weight wasn’t coming off. I joined a popular fitness program and loved it but still wasn’t seeing coveted results.

I was going to bed at 7:30 pm with my son and waking up exhausted before work. I was dragging emotionally and physically. I went to see a DR, then a Nutritionist and heard two very different ways I should improve my health…eat less than 1k calories per day and only eat during a 6-8 hour window. Neither made sense to me.

Then I met Liz. She was a bright light from minute one of our coffee chat. She focused on my overall health rather than my weight in numerical form and introduced me to the ZP8 program and the PFC lifestyle. My goal became to get healthy rather than lose 20 lbs.

This mind shift helped immensely. I was waking up to make breakfast before work, I was drinking more water, working out with purpose and overall feeling happier. I ended up losing 7 lbs and I never felt starved or even deprived. I felt better within 2 weeks, noticed differences in 3 weeks and now am on week 12 celebrating making it through the holidays while gaining only 1.5lb.

I know I will gradually get to my original weight goal but my balanced mental health and increased energy are both more important —especially with a wild 1 year old!”

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