I met Liz at a networking event and knew right away I had to get together with her. We met, became fast friends and we see each other a couple times a week now at our business networking meetings.

I was curious about Jeunesse, the wellness company Liz is a brand ambassador for after we met the first time, so we set up another meeting to talk about the products she loves.

What I liked best, was Liz wanted to know about ME, what I was struggling with health wise and I felt comfortable to tell her.

I was having issues getting a restful night’s sleep and having the energy to be on my best game during the day. I maintain a very busy lifestyle with several balls in the air at all times.

She gave me a sampler set of the AM/PM supplements to try and after 5 days, I knew they were making a difference.

I decided to explore additional products after my results using the AM/PM’s and became am a huge fan of the Jeunesse ZEN Fuze shakes.

They are by far the best tasting protein shake I have tried…and I have tried them ALL!

I just can’t say enough about Jeunesse…great products and a great company!

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