I met Liz Geeslin on Facebook. We connected through our mutual friends, our love of horses as well my interest in her “living well” lifestyle…I wanted to know more about what she was doing.

I reached out to her after doing my research about Jeunesse and Liz created a package for me with several different internal products as well as a 7 day sampler of the cellular rejuvenation serum from the Jeunesse skin care line, Luminesce.

I fell in love, not only with the serum but with the M1ND and Reserve gel packs.

As a 64 year old woman in the workforce, I have been religious with my face care regime and had been using a product recommended by a friend who worked for a plastic surgeon.

While this was an excellent product, it didn’t compare to the results I was seeing with the serum! That said, I purchased the Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenating Serum to replace the other product and haven’t looked back. It is amazing.

Now, on to my health…

I have type 2 diabetes and my A1C blood tests to show a three month average of my daily blood sugars was on the high end of >8. Since <6 is normal, I was way off.

I began making a daily smoothie that consisted of cream or half n half (less sugar than milk), blueberries or whatever fruit was available and a packet of M1ND or Reserve…or BOTH!.

Three months later, my A1C was 6.7 and my Doctor was asking all kinds of questions about what I was doing. I told him and he said keep up the good work and we will see what it reads the next time.

Another 3 months passed and my A1C was at 6.1. Needless to say, he was intrigued and I was thrilled because the Jeunesse products were the change that made the difference!

I cannot say enough about the benefits of the Jeunesse products or an individual to represent Jeunesse more than Liz. She truly believes in the company (as do I), it’s vision and their commitment to excellence providing superior products to help with a healthy aging process.

Liz is passionate about helping others be their best, living a fruitful, healthy life and is truly an inspiration.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Liz!


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