These are two of my favorite people…we’ve been friends for over 40 years…WOW.

Barb and her Mom were very excited to add the Lonicera products into their daily routine and here is what Barb has to say about their experience:

“Here’s what we (Mom and I) have experienced after one month on the Lonicera products…. both Lift and Longevity.

Mom, who turns 98 at the end of August, feels more energy on a daily basis. She normally takes the two products in the early morning. One day, discovering that she had forgotten to take them, she took them in the late afternoon.

Not realizing how much they had increased her energy previously, she suddenly felt like the “Energizer Bunny”.. and kept getting up looking for things that needed doing! She now takes them in the morning to have the extra energy to spread over the whole day!

For my experience (having just turned 73) I’ve noticed, in addition to extra energy, an increased ability to focus my attention on specific things.

For example… my daily routine that includes a meditation practice has always been a challenge due to “monkey mind”.. the wandering thoughts that intrude on my attempts to focus on God…I have noticed less “mind wandering” since beginning the Lonicera products.

We look forward to increased health and well-being in general as we continue on these great products!

Thank you Barb…you and your Mom are perfect examples of making your health a priority and living life to it’s FULLEST!

Love you bunches…

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