Sharing my solutions

After bringing Better Lifestyle Solutions to life, I learned that the best way to share my “solutions” was by blogging about them. You will find a variety of posts here from recipes and product recommendations to more personal in nature, an experience I had that might resonate with you. Please take a look around, you might discover some posts here that inspire you, teach you something new and help you LIVE BETTER!

It’s Time To Spice It Up

Simple, clean food whether cooked outside on the grill, in your oven or on the stove top is always better when it’s been seasoned well.
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Living Out Loud…

When ALS raised it's ugly head and took Pat's speech from her, she adjusted. As her balance became an issue, she adjusted. You see, Pat's LIVING her life...
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The Golden Rules For Goal Setting

As 2017 is coming to a close, there is that anticipation of New Year's resolutions and setting goals for 2018. I've never been a big "resolution" person, but I do like looking ahead towards the New Year with setting some new goals.
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It’s Time To Say YES To PFC Muffins!

OK... I get it.... you are wondering "what in the world is a PFC muffin"... There is a good chance if you pop in and read some of my blog posts, that you might find me referring to "eating PFC". PFC is short for Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate and when these elements are in balance, so is your blood sugar.
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Kale and Quinoa Minestrone Soup

This minestrone soup, actually more like a stew, is packed with nutrition, is so satisfying and I knew she would love it. Have fun with this recipe by swapping out some of ingredients for other options....I've made some notes below in the recipe!
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Will This Be Hard? Probably…

It became VERY CLEAR that I learned how to do something quite simply by JUST DOING IT. Over and over and over again.... and eventually, I got good at it.Was there pain? Sure, but not unbearable. Were there frustrations? Absolutely, but worth it.
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Immersion Blenders…Cuisinart or KitchenAid?

I would like to begin this post with an apology. I have been putting off this particular post because I was waiting for the "right" time to take the video. Ridiculous excuse. And I'm leaving for vacation (Hawaii...with my bestie...51 years of friendship) tomorrow, so I needed to get on it.
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Greek Turkey Wraps

This is absolutely one of my favorite “go to” recipes. It is so simple and the combination of flavors appeals to everyone. I am using this “filling” in tortillas here, but you can stuff peppers, tomatoes or just eat as is….hot or cold!
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On My Mind…

About 3 years ago, I started doing a little art... some painting. Just for fun. What I discovered was how much I LOVED it. It was challenging, but I savored that challenge and was proud of each "creation" I finished. I could look at a finished piece and relive the feelings I had while creating it.
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Sick and Tired of being SICK and TIRED?

I know it's winter time and it always SEEMS like that's when everyone is more susceptible to falling under the weather, so to speak. But what if the weather really wasn't the issue? I believe other issues play a part...
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