“Hi there!  My name is Stephanie and I am a 64-year-old mother of 3 and grandmother of 7. I met Liz Geeslin during a water aerobics class about a year and a half ago. I was instantly impressed by her friendliness and passion for life.  We kept in touch mostly via Facebook, and I gradually learned more about her businesses as a health coach, personal chef, and ambassador for Jeunesse. I was intrigued by her healthy recipes which were all “PFC balanced”. I learned that PFC stands for protein-fat-carbohydrate.  When these elements are in balance, so is your blood sugar. And when your blood sugar is in balance, you burn more fat and have reduced cravings.

I have tried various diets over the years (most unsuccessfully). I’m fairly active and not really overweight, but I love to eat, and the pounds have been creeping up over the years. I’d been wanting to lose at least 10 pounds and feel more energetic.  I tried the paleo plan for a couple months last year, and although I lost weight and felt really good, I was constantly craving the foods I couldn’t have. Eventually I gave in and started eating whatever I wanted again. A couple people suggested different fasting options, but that wouldn’t work for me, because I’m somewhat hypoglycemic and I tend to get light-headed and jittery when I don’t eat.

A few months ago, Liz and I met for lunch. She introduced me to the Zen Project 8 program, which involves eating small portions of PFC-balanced foods every three hours. I really liked the concept, because I could eat every 3 hours, and except during the Detox and Ignite Phases, almost foods are allowed (even sweets, in moderation).  As Liz always emphasizes, “this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle”. This seemed like something I could actually manage! I purchased the Zen Project 8 Package, which included step-by-step instructions, meal suggestions, as well as a generous supply of protein shake powder and nutritional supplements. Liz also told me about a healthy energy drink called Nevo. (Probably my worst bad habit was that I was a religious Pepsi drinker.I don’t drink any coffee or tea, but every day I needed 1-2 cans of Pepsi to keep me going.)  Nevo is a much healthier alternative to Pepsi and other caffeinated drinks. It does contain a moderate amount of caffeine, but it also contains many B vitamins and other nutrients, with no sugar and half the calories.

My goodies arrived in about a week. The first week was definitely the hardest. I had to completely eliminate all carbohydrates, sweets, and red meat. But as the program progressed, I could gradually add back foods and it became easier to plan meals. The protein shakes were actually really yummy and I learned that if I wasn’t in the mood for a shake, I could mix the powder with a small amount of almond milk for a pudding/cake batter snack.  I found the Nevo drink to be ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! The first flavor I tried was peach mango, which is definitely my favorite. Surprisingly, I stopped craving Pepsi almost immediately and found the Nevo to be incredibly satisfying. Although I was sluggish initially, my energy level gradually increased and I found myself sleeping much better at night!

So now I have completed the 8-week program. Did I cheat? ABSOLUTELY!  As I said, my willpower is not great! I often go to restaurants to socialize with family and friends. Sometimes I was conscientious and would order salads or other healthy choices, but sometimes I would not.  And then there was Thanksgiving, which involved not only the feast itself, but a week of company and a flurry of social events……

BUT – even though I wasn’t the most compliant participant, I did lose 7 pounds, I feel great, and I am definitely developing healthier eating habits. So I am living proof that this plan can still work for you even if you don’t follow the suggestions religiously.  And the thing that I am most proud of is that I have not had ONE SINGLE PEPSI since I started the program! Pepsi doesn’t even sound good to me anymore! I would HIGHLY recommend Nevo to anyone!

Just one additional comment about Nevo. For the past two weeks, I have been out of Nevo (my sister-in-law drank it with me when she visited during Thanksgiving week, so I ran out sooner than expected). I placed an order for more cases, but due to the Black Friday buying rush, the Jeunesse shipments seem to be slower than usual.  So because I have been craving something delicious to drink in the morning, I went to various grocery stores, looking for a similar substitute. I have come to the conclusion that there really isn’t anything comparable on the market! Sure there are various flavored waters, but those don’t have any caffeine or any added B vitamins (and taste pretty blah, in my opinion).  I finally settled on a drink called NOS, which at first glance seemed somewhat similar – it has Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, caffeine, and a mango flavor. I brought it home and had my first drink today. It was actually really tasty! But then I looked at the label more closely and was shocked to discover that it is has 160 mg caffeine, 410 mg sodium, 210 calories, and a variety of other irritants and possible carcinogens.. YUCK!  I WANT MY NEVO AGAIN!”

I am extremely grateful to Liz for helping me to make healthier choices in my life!

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