Welcome to Better Lifestyle Solutions. I get excited when I discover something that has made a positive impact on my daily life. It might be a thought provoking quote, a simple change in a routine I’ve been doing for years, or discovering and using life-changing products. I strive to grow and LIVE BETTER. With Better Lifestyle Solutions, I want to share my journey to living a better life.

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Making it easy to enjoy creating healthy, delicious meals for you and your family!

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Sharing simple habits and tools that will help you live a healthier and better life!

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Be alive… in the moment… lift someone up, learn something new… live BETTER!

Sharing my passion for SOLUTIONS

In 2003 when I started my personal chef business, IN GOOD TASTE, I was a good cook, not a GREAT cook. I quite literally “learned on the job” and devoured information anywhere I could find it in order to grow my skills in the kitchen and in my business. I discovered the people and resources that I learned to trust with their expertise and also aligned with my values and goals.

Fast forward to today and now I have the opportunity to give back and share information with you, from recipes to techniques and products that I love, using Facebook LIVE as a platform. I hope you will feel like you’re “getting to know me” when you watch!

Making your health a PRIORITY

I firmly believe the quotes “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much” and “take care of your body, it’s the only one you have”  and that’s the BIG reason I’m passionate about helping people live better.

Wouldn’t you agree that when you feel better, you look better… and when you look great, you feel GREAT? It is up to us how we CHOOSE to take care of ourselves…

I made my choice to LIVE BETTER…

Solutions to live a better life

Five Favorite Kitchen Tools That Keep It Simple

I love things that work. Period. I originally did this Facebook LIVE close to the Holidays last year and I think it deserves another showing in this post. Since Spring is here, I know the surge of “Spring cleaning” activities are commencing and maybe a good kitchen review is in order.

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Two Sweet Potatoes Try Something New…

Sometimes you need to change things up. Try something new. While staring into my pantry trying to get inspired, I noticed the 2 large sweet potatoes looking at me that I bought last week. It's finally feeling "summer-ish" here, so salad always comes to my mind. They...

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It’s Time To Spice It Up

Spring is finally here…our patio furniture and grill are outside and begging to be used! Simple, clean food whether cooked outside on the grill, in your oven or on the stove top is always better when it’s been seasoned well.

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Living Out Loud…

When ALS raised it’s ugly head and took Pat’s speech from her, she adjusted. As her balance became an issue, she adjusted. You see, Pat’s LIVING her life…she has made that CHOICE. She has ALWAYS lived OUT LOUD and continues to do so everyday.

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