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Sharing simple habits and tools that will help you live a healthier and better life!

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I get it – taking care of yourself can be tough.

And there’s so much to learn! When I started my health-focused personal chef business, In Good Taste, I had limited cooking skills!

But I learned along the way–and if that isn’t a necessary life skill, I don’t know what is! 

And that’s what mature women like you and I do. We learn, and we grow, and we practice living better every day. 

I’d love to take this journey with you. 

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Inspiration to live better

Ducks In A Row

Ducks In A Row

Ducks in a row…my personal story of loss, survival and how having my ducks in a row saved me.

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Rotini Ratatouille

Rotini Ratatouille

Comfort food anyone? This one bowl meal is loaded with veggies and will satisfy that craving for pasta without the guilt!

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