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In Good Taste

I joined the USPCA (United Personal Chef Association) and started my In Good Taste Personal Chef Service in February 2003.

I trained horses and riders professionally for 35 years and enjoyed an incredible career in the equine industry that allowed me to travel all across the United States on the show circuit, becoming one of the top female trainers in the country.

As I was approaching the age of 50, I decided my life in the horse industry had come full circle and wanted to venture into a profession where I could genuinely help people. In March of 2003, I opened my personal chef business, In Good Taste.

After achieving a 30 pound weight loss with eating healthier and learning how to maintain that loss, I built my business around healthy home cooking in order to help my clients reach and maintain their own health goals.

As my own health journey progressed, I have focused on health and healing through holistic means. It is a blessing to have the Modexus Lonicera and Gold Standard brands holistically address our immune system, brain health, sleep and pain issues.

The name Modexus is a fusion of two words: “Mode” which can mean “a way in which something occurs or is done” and “Nexus” which means “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things”.

Modexus is a way of connecting people, products and prosperity with innovative, cutting edge solutions to help others LIVE BETTER!


Modexus is relentlessly committed to clean, effective, environmentally sound products and the powerful Lonicera and Gold Standard supplements are a superior SOLUTION to achieving better vitality and health…


The Jeunesse  Youth Enhancement System can provide SOLUTIONS with wellness and beauty products that can help us look and feel younger…

A friend introduced me to Jeunesse Global in March 2015 and I fell in love with the Luminesce skin care line and the ZEN Fuze protein powder!

I am an advocate of living a “PFC” lifestyle by balancing your protein, fats and carbs and you will find several muffin recipes in the Inspiration area of Better Lifestyle Solutions utilizing the ZEN Fuze as one of the ingredients, creating a perfect PFC muffin!

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