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In Good Taste

In Good Taste Personal Chef Service offers a healthy, convenient option to fast food and dining out by providing a solution to that “what’s for dinner?” problem…

Mealtime, simplified!

As I was approaching the age of 50, I decided my 35 year career in the horse industry had come full circle and I really wanted to venture into a profession where I could genuinely help people.

In February of 2003, my personal chef business, In Good Taste, was launched.

After achieving a 30 pound weight loss with eating healthier and learning how to maintain that loss, I built my business around healthy home cooking in order to help my clients reach and maintain their own health goals.

Over the years, I’ve also had the joy of teaching others how to have more fun in their own kitchen by simplifying and incorporating small changes that yield big results!

As my own health journey progressed, I began focusing on helping others with their own health and healing.

It has been a blessing to become better educated and aware of how to holistically address our immune system, brain health, sleep, pain issues and balancing our hormones.

My passion is helping people optimize their health as simply and completely as possible in order to have a healthy, vibrant and prosperous future.

I’ve been where you are…confused and unsure of how to take care of your health in the best way possible and I have found answers…I will show you optimal wellness, simplified.

Come on over, I’ll show you just how simple it can be…

Wellness Simplified

In our World today, we are frustrated, stressed and anxious now more than ever and as a result, our health will suffer.

I will show you a way out of your health journey confusion and into feeling empowered, strong and confident with simple wellness solutions…

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