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Simple, exceptional solutions that eliminate the confusion and set you up to WIN.  You’ll feel confident and secure about being in charge of your health!

These testimonials are from people, just like you, that made the decision to take better care of themselves and put their health FIRST!

Winning the sleep battle…

Meet Gail…she lives in Canada, and is in the cosmetics industry.  Here is what she has to say about Tranquility.

“I have dealt with severe pain issues most of my adult life which have made quality sleep almost impossible. Our bodies heal best with high quality sleep, so the battle for consistently good health has been a struggle. I am thankful everyday to have a natural supplement with no habit forming qualities and now my sleep patterns are 100% better which has led me to improving my health all the way around!

Thank you Modexus Lonicera Tranquility!”

Reducing Meds, saving money…

Barb is an office manager for veterinarian clinic in Litchfield Park, Arizona. These are her words on how Lonicera Longevity has made an impact on her life!

“I am grateful to have been using the Modexus products for several months now and due to the synergistic blending of these high quality ingredients, after the 6 month mark, I have been able to go off my statin meds, multiple vitamins, extra B12 and D3, and more.

All of what I was purchasing and using separately is available at a higher quality with Lonicera Longevity. What an incredible savings of time and money!”

Blood work Reveals the Results…

Steffanie McKay from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, noticed significant changes after a few months using Longevity...

“Upon first being introduced to Lonicera Longevity, my electrolyte levels, iron levels, and other key health indicators were all off and not even close to where they needed to be.

Now that I have been on the Longevity for a few months, my recent blood work is showing all levels back to normal ranges AND I have been able to significantly reduce the medications and supplements I was using before…a win for my health AND my monthly budget!”

The Game Changer…

As a busy realtor and entrepreneur, Lisa Albertson from Carmel, Indiana, was thrilled to finally find a solution to her restless nights!

“I have struggled with getting a full night’s sleep for years. I have never tried prescription meds, but have tried teas, holistic supplements and various types of CBD.

When introduced to Tranquility, I started using 2 capsules about half an hour before bed and I have been sleeping through the night, waking up refreshed and not at all groggy. I will not be without this product…Tranquility is a game changer!”

Relieving Pain Naturally…

Being in pain is debilitating and impacts your quality of life!

I’d like to introduce you to Monica. Monica lives in Indiana, is a pharmacy tech and this is what she has to say about what she’s found that has changed her life!

“Joint and back pain made daily life a struggle for me for years. Simply getting out of bed in the morning was difficult. Relieve AU has provided amazing and consistent results and I am now enjoying an active daily life pain free! It’s been a total game changer and couldn’t be happier with my results using this natural supplement for managing my pain!”

A true Answer to my Prayers…

Toni Nolte from Hampton, Virginia, is no stranger to superior products…

“I have been using top shelf natural supplements for over 20 years and know what is real and that the market is flooded with inferior options that don’t provide real results.

Needing to find a product that I could trust to protect my immune system, my introduction to Lonicera Longevity as been an answer to prayer.” I’m staying healthy, my hot flashes are minimalized and I continue to enjoy additional benefits with consistent daily use. Longevity and Modexus is my number one choice for optimum wellness!” 

Aging younger…

Lori and her husband live in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and as business and farm owners, they live an active, outdoor life. 

“Our life is truly an adventure and to keep our stamina and clear thinking at our best and the physical pain at a minimum, the Relieve AU along with the full line of Modexus Lonicera products, has made all the difference for us!

Staying healthy and keeping everything in check is a must. The Modexus products are truly helping us “age younger” and we are blessed to have found them!”

Keeping My eyes on the Road…

Carol Leonard, a hairstylist from Evansville, Indiana, is so thankful for Lonicera Lift in her life!

“Having a fairly hectic life and a lot of miles on my car weekly, I am so happy to have Lonicera Lift for mental clarity, focus, stamina, and an overall sense of well being.

Lift is amazing…zero jitters or the dreaded crash on the back end!”

THe Power Of One Bottle…

As a busy business owner in Carmel, Indiana, Myrna Brady found her wellness answer!

“As a business owner and consultant, keeping myself healthy has always been a top priority. Lonicera Longevity has allowed me to maintain optimum wellness, despite the health challenges we all face in today’s World.

I love being able to reach for ONE bottle to get all that I need to maximize my immune system and live my best life daily.

Thank you Modexus!

Clarity and Focus…

“Everyone needs that little bit of extra to maximize each and every day without compromising your health.”

Antionette Craig from Arnos Vale, Trinidad and Tobago, continues…”The clarity, focus, and energy achieved with Lonicera Lift by Modexus is fantastic! I LOVE my Modexus experience!”

The Heartbreak of Psoriasis…

A picture can be worth a thousand words…

So many people can relate to this before and after picture of my friend, Lisa’s arms.

I suffered from psoriasis for years. Discovering a holistic internal solution to this awful auto immune skin issue has been life changing for so many people.

Lonicera Longevity delivers our master anti oxidant, glutathione in two powerful ways, helping your body heal and thrive!

A joyful mom…

This is a testimonial from a friend of mine that is so touching and hopeful for how powerful holistic nutrition can be.

“My 3 year old son has always had a hard time with his speech and I was going to schedule an appointment with a speech therapist, but since taking these supplements, his speech has improved so much that he no longer needs a speech therapist!!

I’m just thrilled how these are helping him!! Plus, he’s also a more relaxed and happy child, which is a huge blessing!!!”

Better Training, Better Results…

“As a professional athlete, I am always looking for a healthy advantage for the gym via increased stamina and recovery.”

Darrin Grosenick from Red Deer, Canada, shares his results with Lonicera Lift.

Lonicera Lift allows me to focus and blow through my workouts with almost unlimited drive and the motivation to train longer and more efficiently. In 30 years of training and competition at a pro level, Lift is without reservation on of the highest quality products I have ever used. Modexus has hit a home run with this nutrition, I am feeling unstoppable!”

My Personal Fountain of Youth…

Ric McGrew is from Covington, Louisiana and recently retired from his career as an orthopedic nurse. 

“Upon retirement, I set a personal goal to stay active and fit. Having recently turned 70 years of age, some days my body and energy levels have different ideas, so having the right “motivation” tool can be quite helpful.

Lonicera Lift is my personal “fountain of youth” helping me achieve my daily activity goals including riding my bike 4 miles a day.

With the addition of Lift, 70 is my NEW 40!”

Well Care Is Our Responsibility…

Dave Mote is a purchasing manager and lives in Columbus, Indiana. These are his thoughts on the importance of great health.

“Despite being a caregiver and surrounded by several family members dealing with today’s health concerns, I have remained healthy and active by increasing my Lonicera Longevity dosing and paying attention to overall “well care”.

Yes, “well care” is our responsibility and I am grateful to Modexus for providing top notch nutrition to further a great quality of life.”

One amazing little pill…

A retired school teacher from Lake Mary, Florida, Sharis Pike shares how Lonicera Tranquility is making a difference for she and her husband!

Lonicera Tranquility is amazing! One tiny capsule before I go to bed allows me to relax and get into a quality and rejuvenating sleep pattern at night. My husband takes 2 capsules before bed and 1 in the morning to naturally support and normalize his blood pressure. Tranquility can do so much for so many.

Affordable, non-habit forming, natural and the bottom line, it WORKS!” 

The Power Of Immune Support…

Chris Tano Morgan from Stockton, California, had a scare recently.

“The threat of infection via my granddaughter being exposed to a virus, is worrisome for most. As a caregiver for my 83 year old mom with health issues, most would panic, but we have Lonicera Longevity. We upped our Longevity doses, practiced social distancing, disinfecting, washing hands and we were blessed with negative results.

My mom is doing fine and we are so thankful for this great immune support nutritional! These powerful antioxidants are protecting and boosting our immune systems! Thank you Modexus!


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