My sister lives in Adelaide Australia and is a musician with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra….she plays the viola.

She and her husband, Juris, recently started taking all three of the Lonicera products and she has an awesome Tranquility testimonial to share.

There were going to be two one hour performances in one day with a two hour break in between them….plus a full rehearsal prior to the first performance.

In addition, all of the musicians would be STANDING instead of sitting….needless to say, Carolyn was feeling some significant anxiety about what was to come and anticipating having some dizziness issues, symptoms similar to vertigo…so she thought, why not try the Tranquility beforehand?

Thirty minutes prior to the performance, she took one Tranquility and she felt calm, focused and no vertigo during the performance! She commented she should have taken a second Tranquility prior to the second performance as she could definitely tell that the Tranquility made the difference when comparing the two performances!

Think of the stressful situations we know we might be going into where Tranquility can help keep us more relaxed, calm and less anxious!

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