My sis­ter lives in Ade­laide Aus­tralia and is a musi­cian with the Ade­laide Sym­pho­ny Orchestra.…she plays the viola.

She and her hus­band, Juris, recent­ly start­ed tak­ing all three of the Lonicera prod­ucts and she has an awe­some Tran­quil­i­ty tes­ti­mo­ni­al to share.

There were going to be two one hour per­for­mances in one day with a two hour break in between them.…plus a full rehearsal pri­or to the first performance.

In addi­tion, all of the musi­cians would be STANDING instead of sitting.…needless to say, Car­olyn was feel­ing some sig­nif­i­cant anx­i­ety about what was to come and antic­i­pat­ing hav­ing some dizzi­ness issues, symp­toms sim­i­lar to vertigo…so she thought, why not try the Tran­quil­i­ty beforehand?

Thir­ty min­utes pri­or to the per­for­mance, she took one Tran­quil­i­ty and she felt calm, focused and no ver­ti­go dur­ing the per­for­mance! She com­ment­ed she should have tak­en a sec­ond Tran­quil­i­ty pri­or to the sec­ond per­for­mance as she could def­i­nite­ly tell that the Tran­quil­i­ty made the dif­fer­ence when com­par­ing the two performances!

Think of the stress­ful sit­u­a­tions we know we might be going into where Tran­quil­i­ty can help keep us more relaxed, calm and less anxious!

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