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Here we go!

I’m SO EXCITED to be able to put together a library of some simple, fun and DOABLE programs with my BodySite provider account that will help make wellness an ADVENTURE instead of a chore…

And did I mention they’re FREE?

Everything from some mindset and fitness challenges to kickstarting a detox program to some fun food specific plans!

It’s time to make your wellness a BETTER adventure!

10 Day Metabolic Detox

This scientifically designed program includes targeted nutrition, a modified elimination diet, simple exercise, and basic recommendations for stress management.

After just 10 days, many people notice improved energy with fewer bothersome symptoms.

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21 Days of Mindfulness with Jennifer Grace

Jennifer’s 21 Days of Mindfulness is a jump start into the power of living in the moment and letting go of the restraints of past and future.  

This plan is the perfect accompaniment to any lifestyle program, diet, exercise plan or as a standalone course.

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Gluten Free Mediterranean Diet

If you’re looking for a heart-healthy eating plan that is also gluten free, this diet is right for you. It is rich in raw fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.

This plan is fit for those are gluten intolerant, or are simply trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle and may be a good framework for those who have celiac disease.

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At home fitness plan

For people who do not have a gym membership, working out at home can be just as effective.

This 8-week plan requires only some dumbbells, a mat and your own body weight. It’s great for anyone who is conditioned but wants to lose body fat and get in better shape.

Plan is delivered to your email daily and text messages are optional!

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Clean 28 healthy life

The Clean 28 Healthy Life program is all about eating healthy foods: lean meats, lots of fruits and vegetables, low carbs, and only fats that are healthy such as avocados, olive oil and nuts.

This is a low-carb, moderate protein, moderate fat diet, never exceeding 1200 calories. Carbs never go over 20% per day.

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The Lean 13 – Get in Shape in 20 Minutes

This 13-Week program is for everyone.  Start slow and build up to strong.

Three 20-minute workouts each week result in a total of one hour of exercise per week for a total of 13 hours over 13 weeks.

Optional high intensity interval training makes it the ideal flex plan for all to try at their intensity level.

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Vegan Plant Based Diet

A plant-based diet can be defined as a way of eating that focuses on whole, clean, natural foods that have had no chemical processing or genetic modifications involved from the point of creation to delivery to your plate.

This version is fully VEGAN. By the end of this program, you will have a better knowledge of what it means to eat clean, how to choose whole foods and will even start to feel the health benefits that come with eating plants! 

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