In Feb 2020, I was having issues with my right hand falling asleep at night and causing me to wake up in discomfort and not be able to fall back to sleep. After sharing this issue with my sister, she felt it sounded like I had carpal tunnel and to have it looked in to. I am a personal chef and use my right hand constantly and knew I had to do something…I was miserable.

I had my first hand doctor appointment on March 12th and the doctor confirmed I more than likely had carpal tunnel syndrome but wanted me to have an electromyography test to confirm. Electromyography is a specialized diagnostic test that evaluates nerve and muscle function and is an extension of the clinical neuromuscular exam, performed by a physician with extensive postgraduate training in the evaluation of neuromuscular disorders.

In the meantime, before that appointment, in addition to the carpal tunnel issue my ring finger on the same hand became extremely curved and very painful to straighten in the morning. So between the carpal tunnel pain and the finger, my hand was so sore.

I had the diagnostic test on March 16th and it was confirmed I had carpal tunnel and a separate issue with the finger. Two days later, we were in lock down because of Covid so no hand surgery any time soon as it is considered elective. So I just waited…

About 2 weeks later, my hand started to feel better…I had bought a soft splint to wear at night in order to keep my wrist from flexing. But it wasn’t just my hand…my finger also relaxed and by the middle of April, the pain was gone…in my finger AND my hand.

I had started taking the Lonicera Longevity and LIFT at the end of January 2020 and I feel without a doubt that after 90 days on these amazing products with their anti inflammatory benefits, that the relief I have experienced has averted the need to have surgery…I am thrilled!

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