Chemo kills…it’s why it’s used to fight cancer.

But it’s not selective either and can create numerous other health issues in the process.

I’m passionate about helping people discover solutions that support being proactive with “well care” and testimonials are important to share.

This one from Tracey is powerful…she’s not only an RN, she also has a functional medicine practice and has incorporated the Modexus suite of products in order to support her client’s health and wellness needs.

She’s “bridging the gap between the physician and you” and you can learn more about Tracey on her website at Take Back Living.

“I’m so thankful to Modexus and Longevity.

My Mom has stage IV esophageal cancer and has been going through chemo treatments without one single side effect thanks to this product.

Yes, the proof is in the blood work and all of her labs are excellent and within normal limits!

Her oncologist told us how rare it is for someone who is receiving this specific chemo drug to not have any nerve damage, especially when she has MS which weakens/destroys her nerves.

In addition she started out anemic and with an iron infusion and the Longevity her red blood cells are back to better than normal levels.

Again he just marveled at her responsiveness!

Praise God for this product so she doesn’t have to suffer. Thank you!”

If you or someone you love is looking at chemotherapy as part of a treatment plan, why not take the time to learn how a powerful, holistic nutritional could support that fight and help you THRIVE through that experience!

I’m in your corner, let’s talk.

And I’m here if you’re ready to learn how I help women find simple wellness solutions for a healthy, vibrant and prosperous future…simply click here to make that happen.

You ARE in charge…be good to YOU!

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