The gluten free lifestyle has tak­en on a whole new world of it’s own and more and more gluten free pas­ta options are avail­able now.

Sev­er­al of my clients are gluten free because of med­ical con­di­tions so I am con­stant­ly search­ing for prod­ucts that will be an excel­lent replace­ment for our wheat based pas­ta varieties.

In this video, I go over the four dif­fer­ent pas­tas I’m putting to the test and all of them were read­i­ly avail­able in my local gro­cery store:

Here are the cook­ing times for each one as promised! Each pas­ta por­tion was mea­sured 2/​3 cup dry, 56 g by weight.

Bar­il­la Chick­pea Roti­ni: 7 min, yield 1 cup cooked, Bar­il­la Red Lentil Roti­ni: 10 min, yield 1 cup, Ancient Grains POW Green Lentil Penne: 8 min, yield 3/​4 cup, Ron­zoni Gluten Free Penne: 8 min, yield 1 cup.


In this next video, I taste test each one after it was cooked, cov­ered with 1/​2 cup of pas­ta sauce, frozen, thawed and reheated.…the results might sur­prise you!

If you are look­ing for ways to swap out to health­i­er ver­sions of some of your favorites, let’s chat!

Reach out to me here or you can sched­ule a FREE 30 minute con­sult right here!


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