My inspiration, my hero…Pat Bennett.

In the Fall of 2012, my friend Pat was diagnosed with ALS. I can’t even describe the thoughts and feelings I had when I hung up the phone sitting on the airplane on my way home from our annual visit together.

It’s been 6 years, 3 trips to Hawaii and 2 trips to Bend Oregon together and more Skype visits than I can count since that life changing phone call.

When ALS raised it’s ugly head and took Pat’s speech from her, she adjusted. As her balance became an issue, she adjusted. You see, Pat’s LIVING her life…she has made that CHOICE. She has ALWAYS lived OUT LOUD and continues to do so everyday.

My tag line is LIVE BETTER and everyday I make it my purpose to live it and encourage and inspire others to BE BETTER.

Are you taking the best care of yourself that you can? Is your health a priority?

You have the CHOICE.

Be like Pat.

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