I share the recipe ingre­di­ents and process in the video, but real­ized it would be good to clar­i­fy every­thing by writ­ing it down!

Pre­heat oven to 300.

6 cups of nuts…your choice on the com­bi­na­tion or all of one kind! (pecans seem to be the fave for the sin­gle nut choice!)

2/​3 cup REAL maple syrup…NO Log Cabin!

4 tablespoons…which is 1/​4 cup…olive oil

2 gen­er­ous table­spoons of Ital­ian sea­son­ing blend (I say 2 tea­spoons at first, then 2 tablespoons…it’s tablespoons!)

1 tea­spoon cayenne pep­per or more for heat lovers!

1 tea­spoon salt (for­got to men­tion that in the video…sorry!)

Pour syrup mix­ture over the nuts and stir well to coat, then pour the nuts onto a parch­ment lined bak­ing sheet.

Bake for 15 min­utes, stir the mix­ture on the pan, bake 15 min­utes longer, stir again and add time until the syrup has evap­o­rat­ed, thick­ened and coat­ed the nuts…usually any­where from 35 — 45 min­utes total bak­ing time.

Remove from the oven and care­ful­ly lift the parch­ment paper onto a cool­ing rack…wait about 5 — 10 min­utes, then pour the nuts onto another…cool, not the warm one…baking sheet and let cool completely.

Be care­ful, they are ADDICTIVE!

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