A week or so ago, I did a new work­out video. It was the Gin Miller Work­out with Weights DVD and I real­ly love her teach­ing style and mod­er­ate pace. I have not been very dili­gent about work­ing out with weights…bad bad girl…but pret­ty dis­ci­plined with walk­ing on the tread­mill on a reg­u­lar basis.

So I told myself.…I WILL do a weight rou­tine 2 times a week.

I did the 40 minute rou­tine, which felt real­ly good, except I real­ized that I nev­er should have let so much time pass since I was doing weights on a reg­u­lar basis…I knew I was going to feel this in the next cou­ple days.

The day after, I felt pret­ty good actually…day after that, real­ly felt it in my bum and thighs (there were squats in the routine)…then a cou­ple days later…POW.…I had pain twinges in my low­er back or hip…couldn’t real­ly pin point it. From what I could tell…with me just guessing.…is that I was SO TIGHT that maybe some nerves were pinched and need­ed to stretch out the pain.…which I decid­ed WAS in my hip.

Hel­lo GoogleHow to Deal with a Pinched Nerve in Your Hip.…and WA LA here is the group of stretch­es that did the trick!

I would love to hear from you if you do try these…I’m going to start doing them as actu­al STRETCHES on a reg­u­lar basis. If you have sug­ges­tions for reme­dies that you want to share, please comment! 

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