I was having a conversation on the phone a few days ago with a friend and horse trainer colleague I’ve known for over 30 years.

We were catching up on our current lives, but also did a good bit of reminiscing on the great memories we both shared and the paths our lives have taken. We both agreed we were in the horse business at the best of times.

The subject of retirement came up, which of course circled around to money and is exactly why I am writing this post.

If you don’t have a plan in place that will automatically set aside an amount of money each week or month towards your future, this book is for you.

I came upon it quite by accident in 2003 and by applying what I learned after reading it, changed my financial future. You will learn about the “latte factor,” how to make saving automatic and have a new appreciation on how small amounts compounded over time can make a huge difference.

And it’s never too late to start and no amount is too small to start with….JUST START!

You can hear my story in the Facebook LIVE video above that I recorded over a year ago and if you know someone that could benefit from this information, please, please share it.

Keep smiling and LIVE BETTER!

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