What I’m about to share, I hope happens to you on occasion. It’s that instant memory reflection that can happen when the air has that certain smell or the morning sunrise feels like deja vu.

This morning when I opened up our garage door at 6 AM to bring in the paper, I was instantly transported back in time as soon as I walked into the outside air.

It felt exactly like so many early mornings back in California during the early summer months from 1976 – 1979. I was preparing for The Tevis Cup 100 Mile One Day Ride, an epic endurance ride on horseback through the Sierra Nevada mountains from Squaw Valley to Auburn.

I could very easily write a detailed story of what that conditioning process entails, but that isn’t where I want to go with my message.

What I was reminded of was how in order to reach goals, it takes planning and execution, regardless of the goal. And it takes being committed.

My horse, Dimaar, was an Arabian stallion. The Arabian is the most popular breed used for endurance ride competition because they are known for their natural desire to “look over the next hill.”

Whatever you might be working on, personally, in business or both, remember to PLAN, DO and REVIEW….repeat….and be like Dimaar and always, always keep looking over the next hill.

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