It’s real­ly hot outside…but you want to serve burgers…

These are such a great, healthy alter­na­tive to fir­ing up the grill when it’s 93 degrees outside!

I always make 12 burg­ers but this recipe is easy to mul­ti­ply or divide into the quan­ti­ty of meat you want to use and the size burg­ers you want to make too.

I like to take a small spoon­ful of the final sea­soned mix­ture and microwave it to taste it for sea­son­ing before I make the patties…to see if I need to add any­thing else.

As I always say, use sea­son­ings you like! You could even divide the mix­ture into 2 or 3 por­tions and add dif­fer­ent fla­vor pro­files to each!


Turkey Zucchini Burgers

Serv­ings 12 burg­ers
Author Liz Geeslin


  • 3 pounds ground turkey I use 85 /​15
  • 3 medi­um zuc­chi­ni fine­ly grated
  • 3/​4 cup dried bread crumbs reg­u­lar or gluten free
  • 1 — 2 Tbsp Worces­ter­shire sauce or soy sauce, coconut aminos, hot sauce, etc.
  • sea­son­ings of choice…use your imag­i­na­tion! Ital­ian, Mex­i­can, gar­lic, onion, pep­per flakes, etc.


  • Grate the zuc­chi­ni and add all the ingre­di­ents into a large bowl.
  • I use gloves and mix real­ly well with my hands.
  • Por­tion into 12 burg­ers, either by hand or with a ring mold, and place on a bak­ing sheet.
  • Heat a large non stick skillet…I love my Scanpan…over medi­um heat and brown both sides of the burgers.
  • Place the browned burg­ers on a bak­ing sheet lined with parch­ment paper and fin­ish in a 350 oven for 30 min­utes. Check burg­er tem­per­a­ture to be sure it has reached 165.
  • Serve imme­di­ate­ly or cool and pack­age to freeze or serve later. 
  • When serv­ing lat­er, warm in a low oven or in the microwave.

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