I’m curious.…does it seem like there are a lot of peo­ple in your cir­cle that have “come down with some­thing”? They have caught that bug that’s “going around”?

I know it’s win­ter time and it always SEEMS like that’s when every­one is more sus­cep­ti­ble to falling under the weath­er, so to speak. But what if the weath­er real­ly was­n’t the issue? I believe oth­er issues play a part…

We for­get to take care of our­selves. We don’t eat right. We put off exer­cis­ing. We don’t get enough sleep…and our immune sys­tem spi­rals down­ward. And that’s when we “catch the bug that’s going around”.

My hus­band has had pneu­mo­nia twice dur­ing the last 10 years and once you have had it ONE time, you are extreme­ly sus­cep­ti­ble to get­ting it again. So nat­u­ral­ly, I want to keep our immune sys­tems as strong and resis­tant as pos­si­ble to the germs of the World! After research­ing and read­ing on this sub­ject, I learned that what we need­ed were more antiox­i­dants in our bodies.

It has been almost 2 years since either one of us has been ill…and I’m knock­ing on wood big time as I write this. The one change we made 2 years ago was start­ing a dai­ly dose of the antiox­i­dant gel pack, Reserve.

It is part of our dai­ly rou­tine, it’s deli­cious and know­ing we are pro­vid­ing our bod­ies with the best “defense” sys­tem pos­si­ble is great piece of mind. We try to do our best to eat well, get enough sleep and take care of our­selves, but some­times that’s not enough, so Reserve is our “safe­ty net” we won’t go with out!

It’s not fun being sick and if you or some­one you love are under the weath­er, I hope restored health comes quick­ly. In the mean­time, sat­is­fy your curios­i­ty and take a look at OUR secret weapon!

Ques­tions? I’m an email away… liz@​lizgeeslin.​com

Please use the com­ments area to share your thoughts and strate­gies on this subject!

To your health…LIVE BETTER! 

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