I’m curious….does it seem like there are a lot of people in your circle that have “come down with something”? They have caught that bug that’s “going around”?

I know it’s winter time and it always SEEMS like that’s when everyone is more susceptible to falling under the weather, so to speak. But what if the weather really wasn’t the issue? I believe other issues play a part…

We forget to take care of ourselves. We don’t eat right. We put off exercising. We don’t get enough sleep…and our immune system spirals downward. And that’s when we “catch the bug that’s going around”.

My husband has had pneumonia twice during the last 10 years and once you have had it ONE time, you are extremely susceptible to getting it again. So naturally, I want to keep our immune systems as strong and resistant as possible to the germs of the World! After researching and reading on this subject, I learned that what we needed were more antioxidants in our bodies.

It has been almost 2 years since either one of us has been ill…and I’m knocking on wood big time as I write this. The one change we made 2 years ago was starting a daily dose of the antioxidant gel pack, Reserve.

It is part of our daily routine, it’s delicious and knowing we are providing our bodies with the best “defense” system¬† possible is great piece of mind. We try to do our best to eat well, get enough sleep and take care of ourselves, but sometimes that’s not enough, so Reserve is our “safety net” we won’t go with out!

It’s not fun being sick and if you or someone you love are under the weather, I hope restored health comes quickly. In the meantime, satisfy your curiosity and take a look at OUR secret weapon!

Questions? I’m an email away… liz@lizgeeslin.com

Please use the comments area to share your thoughts and strategies on this subject!

To your health…LIVE BETTER!

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