I sub­scribe to Seth God­in’s blog and he posts EVERY DAY…which is amaz­ing. What makes it amaz­ing is that it ALWAYS brings val­ue to my day…and obvi­ous­ly thou­sands of oth­er sub­scribers. The one I am going to share here rang so true for me this morn­ing and felt it was a per­fect addi­tion to my goals with Bet­ter Lifestyle Solutions.

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The fourth on my list is BE KIND…

Always, always, always tell those you care about that you love them…EVERYDAY. Maybe help a stranger in need or ask the clerk at the store how she is doing….look at their name tag and address them by name. I promise, you will lift them up and you will feel equal­ly good. The goal here is rec­og­nize the LOVE in your heart and use it to be BETTER!

Here’s Seth’s post and I think you will see why it rang so true for me…

Is kind­ness a luxury?

Lux­u­ry goods are only con­sumed when we’ve got enough. You should­n’t go shop­ping for a Birkin bag with your last dollar.

It’s easy to believe that kind­ness is like that. We need more reserves, per­haps, before we can expend some of what we’ve got in this gen­er­ous way.

You’ve had a hard day, it’s rain­ing out, the world is chang­ing, your boss is mean to you, the check­ing account is over­drawn, you’re on deadline…

But… Does every need have to be filled, every emo­tion in place before we’re capa­ble of being kind? (I LOVE THIS)

Do we have to have enough mon­ey, enough con­fi­dence about the future and enough of every­thing else we crave before we can find the space to offer some­one else a hand?

It turns out that the oppo­site is true. That kind­ness is a foun­da­tion for the rest. That invest­ing time and resources in extend­ing our­selves shifts the rest of our needs in pre­cise­ly the right direc­tion, not only putting us clos­er to sat­is­fy­ing those oth­er needs, but enjoy­ing the jour­ney as well.

Kind­ness rewards the giv­er as well.

Imag­ine our World if every­one would just pause and BE KIND. 

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