This is a great twist on clas­sic lasagna…a bit of a casse­role ver­sion of chick­en fet­tuc­cine in a way…so what’s not to love!

Before cre­at­ing a gluten free cream of cel­ery soup to use in this recipe, I had always used Healthy Request Cream of Cel­ery or Mush­room soup, but they aren’t gluten free. I know there are some of you that might shud­der at the thought of using a canned soup, but actu­al­ly the nutri­tion­al num­bers were quite accept­able and the end result was great.

You can get the home­made gluten free Cream of Cel­ery soup recipe right here, or forge ahead with the canned soup…it’s up to you.

I added in the notes but did­n’t include in the recipe ingre­di­ents that a bit of dry sher­ry added to the soup is real­ly nice…you should try it!

Have fun and as always, make it your own!


White Chicken Lasagna

Course Main Course
Serv­ings 8 serv­ings
Author Liz Geeslin


  • Immer­sion blender


Cheese Mixture

  • 1 16 oz cot­tage cheese, low fat
  • 4 oz cream cheese, 1/​3 less fat
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/​2 tsp cayenne pep­per
  • 2 tsp gar­lic powder
  • 2 tbsp Ital­ian seasoning
  • 2 cups moz­zarel­la cheese, shred­ded, part skim reserve 1 cup for spread­ing on top

Meat Sauce Mixture

  • 1 recipe Cream of Cel­ery soup.…recipe link in post or 2 cans of Healthy Request Cream of Cel­ery or Mush­room soup + 1 can water
  • 1 1/​2 lbs chick­en breast, cooked and diced small
  • 8 sheets Bar­il­la No Boil Lasagna Sheets, reg­u­lar or gluten free


Preparing The Ingredients

  • In a 4 cup Pyrex mea­sur­ing cup, add all of the cheese mix­ture ingre­di­ents, except for 1 cup of the shred­ded Mozzarella.
  • Using an immer­sion blender, blend just until smooth.
  • Make the cel­ery soup or com­bine water with the canned soup and set aside. 
  • Mea­sure out 1 1/​2 cups of the soup and set aside.
  • Com­bine remain­ing soup with the diced chick­en and stir until well mixed.

Putting It All Together

  • Pre­heat oven to 375.
  • In a square, deep dish foil poul­try pan, line with foil in both direc­tions, spray with non stick spray or use non stick foil.
  • Spread 1/​2 cup of the reserved soup on the bot­tom of the pan.
  • Place 2 lasagna sheets, add 1/​3 of the cheese mix, 1/​3 of the chicken/​soup mix.
  • Repeat 2 more times, alter­nat­ing the direc­tion of the lasagna sheets and end­ing with 2 lasagna sheets on top.
  • Cov­er the last 2 lasagna sheets with the remain­ing soup and shred­ded cheese.
  • Cov­er with non stick foil and bake for 1 hour, remove foil and bake an addi­tion­al 30 min­utes or until gold­en brown.


Adding a bit of dry sher­ry to the soup mix­ture real­ly adds a nice flavor…give it a try!

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